© Domenico Franco/BehanceAt first, it appears these photos Behance user Domenico Franco posted online were of full size LEGO vehicles dotted around the city of Rome in what could be the best plays sets from the famous toy.
However, these works of art use normally sized LEGO sets that have been enlarged in post-production to appear as though they are in the Italian capital.
Originally uploaded in 2014, the pictures show original 'minifig scale' sets placed in front of famous landmarks, such as the Coliseum, and amongst Roman ruins.
One such example is a Scuderia Ferrari Formula One car set, which is pictured in a truck.
In the gallery's description, Franco writes: "The aim is to transform ordinary contexts in extraordinary ones, thus compelling the toys to get out of the idyllic and politically correct landscapes belonging to their perfect and idealistic cities, such as LEGOLAND, with the result of instilling in them those vices, virtues and desires typical of human beings.
"How many among us would not wish to land by helicopter just beside the Colosseum?"
Franco used the toy's simplified look so that "the integration (into the landscape) would look even more piercing."
Included in the works is a Lamborghini Gallardo model parked in a side street, a wrecked car placed at the corner of Via del Gonfalone and a campervan parked under a set of traffic lights.