Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The new Jay Park!

Singer Jay Park recently posed for ‘High Cut‘ magazine, revealing his new blonde hair and some fresh ink as well.
He admits its the first time he’s ever colored his hair and that “it was supposed to be a concept” for his new album, but he “couldn’t because the release was pushed back“ due to his filming obligations for ‘Immortal Song 2‘. However, “I decided to just do it anyway, and this morning I woke up and didn’t even recognize myself. I’ve never dyed my hair, so this feels pretty new.”
He pointed out and explained the ones on his left arm, saying, “The middle one is actually my face, on the right is a new one- the Korean flag, and on the left is the Space Needle in Seattle (Jay Park’s hometown).
Jay Park admitted to being a 2NE1 fan, and had this advice for younger idols: “When you’re in the business long enough, there comes a point where you truly begin to enjoy being on stage. Only then will you develop your own style of music and dance.”
Among the TV programs he enjoys watching, SBS’s ‘Running Man‘ is currently one of his favorites. “I would definitely be on the show if they asked. Actually, even if I don’t get to be on the show, I would want to try it out with my friends.”

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