Friday, 22 March 2013

Photo of Kim Soo Hyun hugging Suzy and IU at the same time provokes jealousy of male fans everywhere

A photo of actor Kim Soo Hyun hugging the “nation’s younger sisters” IU and Suzy, was posted on February 27th on an online community board, along with the caption “Kim Soo Hyun, who has the whole world in his arms.”
The photo seems to be a screen capture from a moment during the Dream High concert. After the event had ended and the cameras were wrapping up, Kim Soo Hyun was snapped hugging both IU and Suzy at the same time. The sight of Kim Soo Hyun hugging two of the “nation’s younger sisters” simultaneously has provoked the jealousy of male fans everywhere.
Netizens who viewed the photo left varied comments, such as “I’m not jealous of Kim Soo Hyun; I’m jealous of Suzy and IU,” and “He could have just picked one… greedy Kim Soo Hyun.”
Source + Image: Sports Daily via Nate
[Thanks to Jenniii for the tip!]

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